Tremie equipment

Equipment for tremie concrete pouring method

Tremie equipment

The tremie concrete pouring method is used for well concreting in water-logged soils as well as for concreting of building structures of any purpose where concrete delivery height (free dropout) exceeds 3 meters in order to avoid concrete mixture segregation. Standard tremie pipes diameters are 219 mm, 245 mm, and 325 mm.

Any other diameters are also manufactured on client’s request. The volume of the tremie funnel depends on well depth, its diameter, and minimal volume of the first concrete batch, as well as on displaced fluid volume; it equals 0.2 to 3 m. The tremie set includes a tremie funnel, tremie pipes with length of 1 to 6 m, a tremie holder, a lifting cap and spare parts.

Technical data

Tremie pipe Ø219

Diameter, mm Operating length, mm Weigth, kg Overall dimensions LxDxD, mm
Ø 219 1000 51 1100х245х245
Ø 219 2000 95 2106х245х245
Ø 219 3000 139 3106х245х245
Ø 219 4000 181 4106х245х245
Ø 219 5000 223 5106х245х245
Ø 219 6000 264 6106х245х245
Lifting cap
Ø 219 - 20 345х245х245

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Tremie pipe Ø 245

Diameter, mm Operating length, mm Weigth, kg Overall dimensions LxDxD, mm
Ø 245 1000 58 1100х271х271
Ø 245 2000 109 2106х271х271
Ø 245 3000 156 3106х271х271
Ø 245 4000 203 4106х271х271
Ø 245 5000 250 5106х271х271
Ø 245 6000 296 6106х271х271
Lifting cap
Ø 245 - 22 345х271х271

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Tremie pipe Ø 325

Diameter, mm Operating length, mm Weigth, kg Overall dimensions LxDxD, mm
Ø 325 1000 80 1100х370х370
Ø 325 2000 155 2110х370х370
Ø 325 3000 218 3110х370х370
Ø 325 4000 280 4110х370х370
Ø 325 5000 343 5110х370х370
Ø 325 6000 405 6110х370х370
Lifting cap
Ø 325 - 23 385х370х370

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Description and photos


Unit is a platform-mounted lifting gear. The platform is installed on the elements of the foundation pile with a crane. The unit’s two winches carry out lifting and hoisting operations. The complete UVPT 55 unit includes a rack of 12 concreting pipes 4.5 m long each, a string tip designed to prevent pipe string gripping on pile reinforcing cage elements, and a lifting link for reliable locking of tremie pipe to the winch.

Unit functionality:

  • extracting tremie pipes from the rack and transferring them to the support frame for string assembly;
  • sinking the pipe string into the pile;
  • stabilising the string for concreting;
  • lifting the string during concreting;
  • dismantling the string and transferring the pipes to the rack.

Tremie pipes are handled with the lifting link. The unit is equipped with heightadjustable supports. After centering on the pile the platform must be put into horizontal position by a crane, and platform supports must be adjusted by resting them on foundation pile elements. Based on the terms of reference agreed upon with the Customer, our experts will promptly design and manufacture tremie pile concreting units of other sizes and with other design features.

Load capacity, kg 6 400
Pipelifting/lowering speed, m/min 7,5
Speed of pipe transfer from cassette to pile, s 5
Weight of rig with a set of tremie pipes 7 000
Rated power of hoist’s electric motor, kW 11
Width, mm 2 500
Length, mm 5 500
Height above pile cut-off, mm 6 900

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